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you equals to love

“It’s weird, like when you’re in love, all of a sudden you’re hearing all of these love songs for the first time, and it feels like the singer is just talking to you alone, reading your mind. When you’re grieving, it’s the same thing. I’m in tune with all the sadness of the world suddenly. You know, songs find you, poems find you, people find you.”

but yet again, you found me.


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just so you know i have freaking gp essay due tomorrow and i do not wish to give a flying fuck about it cause im too cool for gp. ok stop.

i was bloghopping and trying to find things to blog when a certain blog inspired me to post about…

wait for it….






*inclusive of fan pages as well*

1) She’s so fake. If you look behind her neck, I bet it says “Made In China”


come on.

im sure you just laughed at this.

2)freaking out when your cellphone is almost dead and not having your charger

yes i have to admit this happens to me a lot of time. not kidding about the freaking out part.

oh come on aishah you do this too 😛

3)The feeling you get when you understand something in math class.

unfortunately this never happens. boo!

4)Sitting in your towel after a shower because you’re too lazy to get dressed

major cause of all people who are late for school, meetings, dates etc.


hehex ok lah sometimes its because im having long long freaking long convos with resha 🙂

6)When I have money there’s nothing to buy, when I don’t there’s EVERYTHING!

omg people should really stop doing this to us, its freaking annoying. im fucking broke and there goes the thoughts of getting mcdonalds tonight.

7) Seeing someone your friend hates and saying, “There’s your best friend”

hahax i always do this to poor nadiah when *she* walks with her! lololololol sowie pumpkin i love you many2.

ok you guys still not tired yet?

8)I use more than the recommended 2 teaspoons of Milo

hee forget teaspoons. bring in the tablespoons. i use 2 tablespoons. and when its done i just dump a tablespoon at the top. hee like recipe sia!

9)Tapping someone on their shoulder and pretending it wasn’t you who did it

i dont really like it when it happens. i end up looking stupid looking around for the @#%&$&% fellow who is actually sitting beside me. =.=

poor girl.

10)I Love When Sluts Join Groups about Hating Sluts. It Makes me Laugh

Sorry but darlings, if you are known for being slutty, why shoot yourself in the foot by joining groups like this? That, in itself, is a joke because you end up being a slut, hypocritical to your fellow slut mates or you are blonde 🙂

im just saying 🙂




ok all done im still not doing gp i dont care anymore!

P.S i passed my first ECONS test jyeah! 17/25 *eh its fucking high ok go find people who can score like this* thanking mr pillai for his never ending stares when i try to use fiena loves itouch. i still pass okay!

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i know you’re half empty.

Trust in me, and I will never let you down.

Trust your soul, when there’s nobody else around.

Trust in love, cause it will always heal your heartbreaks.

And we always learn a little from our mistakes.

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its been awhile

im sorry all those 47 readers (shown on my chart in my wordpress acc) that i couldnt blog due to very freaking expensive lappie damage.

200 bucks gone.

should i or not send my baby for repair?

hmm. i dont think its worth it since i got it at a cheapo price of 888.


but tyhen again i cant have my lappie screen falling back wards ALL THE TIME!

haiz. im freaking stuck in my school comp lab. i swear its freaking lagg.

poa test later, maths meet up with teacher as well.

happy friday people. will post again when i find another source of internet.

btw, do not buy yeo’s chysanthemum tea bottle. its disgustingly unsweetened.

shall tell more when i get my lappie back.

ok going off now 🙂

p.s baby i love you very much. 16 more days.

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free cone day? everyday!

hahax nadiah this is ben and jerry's ice cream! we want to take you out to have it! cant wait 🙂

resha- why u want to go free cone day? line up all. i buy for you three tub somemore.

me- its all about the excitement.

resha- since when you pay for anything?

me- *dumbfounded*

thanks baby for the tubs of ice cream. i really love you to bits. and congrats on getting your deferment! no more stress now!

btw today i realise, im actually able to teach econs to my friends. hopefully i can pass econs test on friday. and tell me if you’re wearing home clothes on friday!

poa test, econs test on friday! did i mention that i passed today’s poa test 🙂

im just a happy goober. off to eat chocolate chip cookie dough! be jealous fiena 🙂

and nadiah i miss you skip cca tmw so we can eat lunch together! lolol 🙂

ok bye!

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please you’re so pathetic.

83615169- is this shahirah? this is dinesh here. do u mine msging?

me- (thinking it was my friend dinesh in yr 2) whats up?

83615169- hi. 🙂 can i get to know you?

me- erm you’re which dinesh? (cause i know two dinesh, one in yr 1, yr 2)

83615169- Amk Dinesh..

me- thats even more confusing. you’re from MI right?(still thinking its dinesh from MI)

83615169- no im from rp.

me- where u get my number from? i have a right to know (OMFG WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?)

83615169- er.. dinesh from ur sch giv me ur num.

me- ok which year is that dinesh in? (totally pissed off at both dinesh in my school for passing my num, whichever it is)

83615169- yr 2. anw can i know ur age?

me- nope. i need to talk to dinesh (year 2)  first. cause this isnt the right way to know someone. sorry. (im still being nice)

83615169- hey plz dun ask him. he didnt give me ur numbr. i took frm his phone. we get to know each other first.

me- i dont wish to. and i have every right to speak to him. its wrong for you to just randomly take a girl’s number. you dont have any permission to do so. (fucking pissed at this asshole)

83615169- i just want to get to know you. no other intension.. we just be friends.

me- sorry im not interested. i will talk to dinesh tmw.

83615169- to tell you the truth i nvr get frm dinesh.. i get frm someone frm my sch. i made a promise that i wont tell out her name. sry.

me- if you’re man enough, tell me u got the balls to tell me the truth. i need her name and her course. cause you are invading my privacy.

83615169-nt now. i will tell wen the time comes. ok? chill 🙂 what u doing? eaten?

me- (i didnt reply)

83615169-hey what happen?

me- (i didnt reply)

83615169- just want to get to know you, thats all.

me- (i didnt reply)

83615169- did u call me?

me- (i didnt reply)

ok thats it. that the number. 83615169. he obviously got no idea which girl he is messing around with. yes people you can gladly call this asshole to screw him upside down. cause he is so fucking desperate to get to know a stranger. fuck off you aint got no chance cause im fucking attached and youre a fucking lunatic. it would help if people actually call this guy and just scream at his face. thanks 🙂 very much appreciated.

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another poa test tmw?

tee shirt day!

credits to syafiqah for letting me wear her tee. i promise to return it to you soon!

skipped school today cause someone might just die if i left him for school. lol nah i wasnt really feeling well cause of tummy flu.

met resha in morning to get an mc cause i dont wana be barred from examinations.

found out that gp project need not be handed in as “some” people just dont know the meaning of deadlines =.=

and there were teams with no cooperation at all! i felt glad my teammates were not that bad.

some teams had like only one person doing it, and he got it all wrong in the end. sad right.

a lot of absentees today. hmm.

and nureez aint coming to school tomorrow so im playing my lonely cards in class. gonna emo i guess.

oh ya i miss shalinee 🙂 hopefully tmw pe can bonding bonding as we try to pick each other up from the tracks. haiz i dont feel like running.

and tmw is the free cone day and im going! woowoo thanks to resha and zaki and toyota belta 🙂 heading off to vivo or zoo! ok i want go both!

and hopefully nadiah wana tag along cause i miss that girl so much.

dear john book is halfway done and i should say its way different than the movie. but im loving every single page.

and yes im up for poa test tmw! bring it on! *but i dont wana get back my maths test 😦 *

i hope i can take both tests tmw. cause i missed today’s test 🙂

im sure i can do it. i know i can.

*picture above taken after not sleeping for a day. current mood: shagged*

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