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smelly people. beware.

im sure some have gone through these situations before.

1)squeezy buses and mrt *till you feel like fainting*

2)sitting on 1/4 of your seat cause there is a giant beside you

3)people arms or legs or asses brushing against you *eew*

4)noisy commuters who seriously deserve to go mute or have their hp thrown out of the window.


omg like the worst time of your life *especially if the stench reeks all over the whole bus.

sometime it makes me feel like i want to get something like this in my bag.

i scream for LV gas masks!

therefore i am suggesting this scheme to the government if im part of the cabinet one day *which wont happen i think*

smelly people detectors.

all they have to do is just tap their ez link cards and there will be a smelly meter.

like for this case…

smelly man: *taps ez link card while boarding bus*

*ez link card machine makes loud noise*

*people fall from the sky like the SWAT team!*

*people surrounds man and puts him into a huge container*

*the container washes man, drycleans, and sprays beckham’s signture serieson smelly no more man*

*SWAT TEAM throws the man at the roadside after that and flys up to the sky*

*smelly no more man and everyone else is happy!*

hee see! good idea right.

k fine not. but still it will not be the end of this smelly episode i tell you.

someone needs to stand up and say, enough! *quoted from clash of the titans*

in the meantime i shall find those gas masks. i think daddy keeps them.

have an awesome weekend.

*p.s i have issues with people drooling on me too. eew.*


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yeah so im not getting my lappie back till next week which is huge bummer.

this tiny netbook is so not helpful at all, me no likey small screen its so tiring and like….. ugh you get my point.

feel like uploading pics from cip day but my camwhoring buddies hasnt posted the pics up yet so all must wait okie!

and like im sho mad hungry i can eat a cow now.

and tomorrow im officially going out for one whole entire day with baby! yesh yesh yesh!

kind of excited for his first day of school. but sad i cant be there to be some act chio mum and make all the ite girls freaking jealous or something. lol and i hope he doesnt buy uniforms that are so tight his huge biceps cant breathe. damn it!

and on wednesday there was selling of flowers and i bought one for resha sister but i didnt know what color to get so i got a white rose cause its so pwetty. but i got to camwhore in class with my loving shalinee flowers and i think i failed on photography cause out of the 8 flowers she has i only got this.

see the flowers there!

hahax ok lah at least can see 2 flowers mad chio in real life ok!

hee and like i watched two movies this week which is when in rome starring love love love josh duhanmel

look at joshie!

resha was like ogling *eyeballs falling off eyes i think* over this blondie sister you know!

just because she is naked in an apron in the movie =.=

*inserts lazy to entertain him already face here*

and also clash of the titans 3d *only subtitles i see 3d liao*

i thought the son of zeus was hercules. zaki said im wrong.

ok lah not bad the girl mad chio and  me like son of zeus. hee and the 3d effects so lame. i only see the chinese subtitles popping out. cheat my money. feel like throwing my nachos at the 3d subtitles.

so like yupyup ok me is done for now. i want to go out soon.

and im practically effing excited for whats coming up next week!


have a happy easter bunny holidays thingy.


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i was too tired to post something up yesterday cause i was having like really really bad period cramps. so lets start today with what happened yesterday.

one quote from the SEL camp i had yesterday. *im fat, but i can go to a slimming centre. youre so ugly, it hopeless.*

yup i can remember this one really well. i hope it inspires alot of people that being fat isnt the end of the world.

and guess what?? my class got second place for team building activities can u imagine that?? gosh me very very happy.

and there was phototaking in school. hahax another toot face to look at by teachers. lolol

camp ended at 6 and i was greeted by my fellow lovelies hehe.

had dinner with resha, zaki, sera and nadiah. so happy. very very happy. for once, im smiling like an idiot the whole time. we ate at burger king. i talked too much. but its my first time eating out with sera. and i was nervous too ok.

but im just glad i got to come home to alot of flowers. like this.

be jealous people. im all complete.

yesh two bouquet of flowers! hahax!

woowoo. feels like on cloud 10! thats heaven right?? lololol 🙂

okok enough of flowers. i need to go and send sister to school.

apparently mr raja mud ifwat hasnt woken up yet. wake up!

will post another update at night. just to make up for yesterday.

should i go to my sisters parent teacher meeting at night?  i dont want to bump into him. haiyo. confused.

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is this the end?

The first day we allowed our true feelings to come out about each other, we feel asleep in each other’s arms. I never wanted it to be evening, where we would go our separate ways. I don’t know how to describe my feelings, but all I know is I don’t want them to go away. We both have been hurt in the past but maybe in our future we can be the ones who are faithful to each other. It has been 2 day since I’ve seen you and I can’t stand being away this long. I feel like I known you forever. Things are so good even though we are both shy about things, you make me feel so good and now I wear a smile on the inside and outside, because I know you are mine. ‘Til tomorrow… I miss you so much. I want you to hold me so much. When time allows, and we can be together the way we want to, I’ll hold on as if it was my last mission. I miss you so much, I wanna’ run away with you far away so no hurt would taint us. But that is just a fragment of my imagination and fantasy. It helps to fantasize sometimes to dull the hurt of things I experience. I miss you, my love, and want nothing more than to be in your arms until you kiss my problems away.
*that boy who loves me*

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yeah, i need to fly away

i wished to run away since the day i fought with you.

and now, i guess i have to rethink about my friendships, relationships, myself.

cause i dont want to feel hurt no more.

According to you

I suck at telling jokes cause I always give it away

I’m the girl with the worst attention span

You’re the boy who puts up with it.

i love you, cant you tell?

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