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just so you know i have freaking gp essay due tomorrow and i do not wish to give a flying fuck about it cause im too cool for gp. ok stop.

i was bloghopping and trying to find things to blog when a certain blog inspired me to post about…

wait for it….






*inclusive of fan pages as well*

1) She’s so fake. If you look behind her neck, I bet it says “Made In China”


come on.

im sure you just laughed at this.

2)freaking out when your cellphone is almost dead and not having your charger

yes i have to admit this happens to me a lot of time. not kidding about the freaking out part.

oh come on aishah you do this too πŸ˜›

3)The feeling you get when you understand something in math class.

unfortunately this never happens. boo!

4)Sitting in your towel after a shower because you’re too lazy to get dressed

major cause of all people who are late for school, meetings, dates etc.


hehex ok lah sometimes its because im having long long freaking long convos with resha πŸ™‚

6)When I have money there’s nothing to buy, when I don’t there’s EVERYTHING!

omg people should really stop doing this to us, its freaking annoying. im fucking broke and there goes the thoughts of getting mcdonalds tonight.

7) Seeing someone your friend hates and saying, “There’s your best friend”

hahax i always do this to poor nadiah when *she* walks with her! lololololol sowie pumpkin i love you many2.

ok you guys still not tired yet?

8)I use more than the recommended 2 teaspoons of Milo

hee forget teaspoons. bring in the tablespoons. i use 2 tablespoons. and when its done i just dump a tablespoon at the top. hee like recipe sia!

9)Tapping someone on their shoulder and pretending it wasn’t you who did it

i dont really like it when it happens. i end up looking stupid looking around for the @#%&$&% fellow who is actually sitting beside me. =.=

poor girl.

10)I Love When Sluts Join Groups about Hating Sluts. It Makes me Laugh

Sorry but darlings, if you are known for being slutty, why shoot yourself in the foot by joining groups like this? That, in itself, is a joke because you end up being a slut, hypocritical to your fellow slut mates or you are blonde πŸ™‚

im just saying πŸ™‚




ok all done im still not doing gp i dont care anymore!

P.S i passed my first ECONS test jyeah! 17/25 *eh its fucking high ok go find people who can score like this* thanking mr pillai for his never ending stares when i try to use fiena loves itouch. i still pass okay!


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you found me.

my head on your chest,

im tracing crop circles on your chest.

i wonder if you can hear my heart.

you whisper, saying “i love you, i love you”

that may be true.

but i felt like my heart is saying, “dont leave me , dont leave me”

because the whole world does.

and i hope you will stay forever.

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read those in green!

this is optimistic, unfortunately im no “i see the glass as half full” kind of person. but im trying hard to be one. thats being optimistic right? ok im confusing you. im sorry. im a loser. please dont throw rotten eggs at me.

i want to spend time with farhan and his family side. but im afraid of getting too attached. it might affect alot of things if me and farhan fight, all the time somemore.

im happy today. because i learnt that i should not take things for granted. i shall appreciate every single chrysanthemum flower resha gave me. sniff sniff.

holidays are packed with all sorts of school stuff. not to mention two projects due the first day of term 2. gosh. i dont remember this much pressure last year. maybe thats why i retained. lol

not to mention the amount of homework, its crazy. and tests the first week of term 2. omg omg omg whats happening to me??

ok breathe breathe hope everyone has fun during their sel camp and their team building day. i knew i had fun fighting cramps at home in bed.

love love love i heart hot and spicy shaker fries from mcdonalds!

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i need to fall in love with maths.

today is supposed to be fun but i ended up dragging my ass to school, spending 1.70 on the express bus, hungry and confused during poa and seriously tired from walking. haiz.

wishing, hopeful thinking that the holidays are going to be okay.

and i’ve been considering options into poly. but someone gave me a wake up call this afternoon.

i wished that my room would automatically clean itself up.

i need to stop eating all the funny i got too much money i eat everything kind of food.

im happy he is going for his bbdc, its never too late.

holidays are spent on gp project and econs project, bummer.

and i cant wait to go out with fiena and gang, gods willing.

still got poa consultation with mr tan (fuck he keeps remembering my name its so annoying every poa qn ask me!)

maths connsultation (to be confirmed, i dont like the teacher dont ask why)

and holiday assignments are piling up like hell.

i NEED Β (econs terms) a digital camera so i can capture all the boring and oh so boring moments of my life.



but first, shall scream at my sis to clean up the room.

till then, chao outside motherfucker!

*p.s* lukie, please dont pretend you forgot okay! meet up during the holidays!

*p.p.s* i need a new phone, this samsung baby is crying to death. keypad spoil already!

ok bye!

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im looking for these girls. i miss them alot. if you find them please tell them to look for me. thanks.

is there maths test tomorrow.

is there a need to fight.

is things getting expensive nowadays.

must mustafa centre be infested with bangs.

must the road be filled with morons.

are you obsessed with me.

do i feel like killing someone.

are there so many cockroaches in one car.

do you make me feel so special.

do i want to spend time with her, but im afraid of messing up.


off to do poa homework now.

if you find this boring, read my blog weblink.

its alwaysaboutsarah.

heeΒ :)


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the pretty girl and me.

what happens when ur best friend saves you.

i guess when things just dont go ur way, u have no choice but to just go through the day. lucky for me, chantale was able to drag me around jurong point to shop. im happy around her. it makes me feel like nothing can break us apart. thats what best friends are for.

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ok this is so difficult to use i swear i might just die figuring out its functions. but i wont give up, i mastered blogger and tumblr. im going to conquer wordpress. will update more soon.

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