hee people say these specs make me look extra cute so im guessing its because all those fats on my cheeks are supporting the specs therefore i look like some gerbil. lol

happy friday, not.

tummy cramps. everywhere.

but happy cause MI mart is in aircon shopping centre jurong point so i wont be under some stupid tent like pasar malam like that 🙂 yay!

and nadiah, me, resha and zaki had dinner at jurong point today and me bought zaki cupcakes! hee i wanted to take a pic of it but by the time it was gone! LOL but it was super uber yums!

yeah and things hasnt been right these past few days. but im okay 🙂 cause im still by resha side no matter what.

next week is super uber busy week cause im meeting lukie like finally omg! and yeah most probably hanging out with aishah too 🙂 dont worry nadiah i will meet up with you loads love and cheer up okie 🙂

okie off to talk to love on the phone.  tomorrow he has match and im going to be there to support him all the way yay!



gloomy, just gloomy

so like yesterday was a short day of school. weak body since im having that stupid time of the month. i cant even stand straight anymore.

but i managed to chuck that pain aside for the free makeover cum photoshoot in the evening with resha, zaki, nadiah and her mum!

me and nadiah looked like models and it was just filled with lights, camera and laughter! and plus i got awesome couple shots with resha i love love love

had so much fun. our faces were all picture perfect and pictures came out great, cant wait to collect them in like 3 weeks time. patience 🙂

today was too much to handle. i couldnt get out of bed. daddy got me my medication and i took it and decided to skip school today.

cant wait to get back to school tomorrow to catch up on certain homework and stuff.

cant wait for the weekends. yay yay 1 year anniversary in three days time!

🙂 im just happy.

p.s check out the new liverpool home kit for next season!

yea stevie *gasms*

long day, tired.

my legs are so damn weak.

too tired to blog. maybe tomorrow.

nitenite loves 🙂

ok in need of these now.

how do you expect to be rescued,

when no one knows you’re in danger?


oh fuck someone just drop by and give me a hug please.


ok where do we start.

lets wish fiena alfredo catalebo *something* and shalinee a happy 15 *both do not wish to reveal their age* birthday!

happy birthday to you my lovelies.

ok. so back to my title. was having moodswing day *particular cause my period is expecting i guess* but really i was in no mood for anything in the morning. i feel like people hates me. god knows why i feel like that but i just wanted to go home.

gp lesson was so annoying cause i hate the teacher and her moodswings and her sarcasm and her blah… ok stop.

econs lesson was fun cause mr pillai finally became like the bestest teacher in the whole entire world. there were powerpoint slides, games, post-it notes everywhere! had tons of fun. but still i was feeling grouchy he teaches too fast. gosh =.=

then break was okay. had fruit tart but i wanted strawberry fruit tart. gosh =.= i really wanted strawberry ya know. haiyo. and wenxi forgot to bring the dress today. haiz. i was like freaking sexcited for it. lol but nevermind wenxi dearest bring it tmw ok! can brighten up my tuesday!

ok next is poa and i made so many careless mistakes for both tests that i only got 85% for each of them. bummer. and something else also happened but i wont speak of it here. and yupyup im not satisfied with my results. haiz.

then was another and i already felt like crying but nadiah was there to comfort me which was so nice of her. i love you sooooo much lah babe. thanks for sticking it out with me. i just wanted to go home.

but i went for mob and really felt so exhausted god knows why. and resha left for johor and i havent heard his voice the whole day you know. so stress lah. and DID YOU KNOW JOHOR GOT H1N1 CASE?? omfg.

lastly was tiring maths which got my hp confiscated cause my friends were playing with it in class. in my defense it wasnt my fault but they were nice enough to get it back for me. they are like the bestest ever! hee 🙂

hee from love, farah. thanks.

and sadique was my companion and he advised me to take it easy and he managed to divert my attention away from sadness and all. his texts kept me hanging on in school. thanks dear.

after school…

shalinee and bf dinesh who got dragged into the canteen.

it was a special surprise for shalinee!

yay so happy get to eat choc cake..

me love almonds!

yums! im like falling in love with the almonds on the cake.

hee it was an awesome day. not to mention getting cakesmashed by fiena! gosh that lil devil she is like so damn lucky my birthday in december! haiz.

ok so that was my day. went home after that and my sister bought this weird potato chips in school but it tasted super uber nice! look at her face after that!

ok she doesnt always have this face on all the time.

hee im just waiting for resha to come home ❤ i miss you badly.

tonight, at this time
im still thinking of you
eventhough you are not by my side.
your smile, your face
makes me miss you so
eventhough you left me, my love.

i try without you by my side.
i try to live without you.
even if i cant forget you, my love.
i try without you in my heart
i try to stop missing you
but there will be no one to replace you forever.

i just have to say

“Sometimes you have to be apart from people you love, but that doesn’t mean you love them any less. Sometimes it makes you love them even more.” — Nicholas Sparks (The Last Song)

so do i mean something to you or should i just pretend we are friends. haiz.